Talent Hunt by JET

Kamani Auditorium

Please fill the form below to perform on the grand stage of Siri Fort, Kamani, Sri Ram Centre Auditoriums New Delhi in the festive months of October and November. Showcase your talent in front of the world. Associate with Hi India Talent Hunt conducted by JAMES ENTERTAINMENT & TRAVELS (JET)

Proposed shows in New Delhi:

Sunday, October 29, 2017. Venue: Siri Fort Auditorium.

Sunday, November 19, 2017. Venue: Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House

Sunday, December 10, 2017. Venue: Muktadhara, Bengali Association, Gole Market

Note: Program number 2 & 3 dates are not yet confirmed.
Languages eligible: Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri & English.
Chief Guests & Judges: MPs & Renowned artists of Delhi & Mumbai.
Only 1 English, 1 Bhojpuri & 1 Punjabi item in a program will be allowed. So those interested in these language songs are advised to hurry in registering. Rest of the numbers will be Hindi.
Studio recording facility will be provided to participants under professional expertise of Mandi House Artists Association New Delhi.
Please save the number 7838062627 and DO NOT entertain any other number.
It is a self-financed kind of show to make your career in your field and to make you shine in front of the world, so your contributions are solicited.
We can help you practice singing with orchestra/karaoke if you need it. We can train and groom you in melody as well.
Please note that it is compulsory to attend one full day session of training/practice/rehearsal before the main program. For that purpose some small auditorium will be booked for a day with music arrangements and participants have to contribute Rupees 500 for this session. This session is very important in order to make the main program a big success.

If you have a video of your talent to upload, fill the form below.

James Entertainment & Travels 'JET' has been initiated by Mr. James Narula of Goawithfriends.com
Mr. J. Narula is a member of Mandi House Artists Association and has the experience & guidance of senior artists, technicians, producers and directors of Doordarshan and Delhi Film Industry 'Dollywood', having participated in conducting various stage shows and events, films and TV serials.

Voice samples of some of the participants of Siri Fort show 2017

Is this Anshu or Alka Yagnik? Spot the difference if any! Just listen to her

Now is the turn of Shweta. She is sure to capture your heart with her melody

After a mom, its turn of a kid! He's amazing. Just listen to the last part of his song. Now you decide whether we should take a kid for the show or not?

Sensations are yet to come this week! Are you missing yet? Hurry before Siri Fort performers' slot is full.

Have a look at a pre-showcase sample from one of the previous programs.








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