Music Talent Hunt

Want to become a singing star with your talent? Here is your chance!

STAR MAKER INDIA recently organized
“Target Mumbai: A show of the upcoming North Indian musical Stars”
Musical Talent Show at Siri Fort Auditorium on April 27, 2018. 6 PM to 10 PM.
You can see the glimpse of that show below. Full videos are available on STAR MAKER INDIA website.

Nominations for Preliminary Round 2 are going on. Please fill the form below to participate as a singer/dancer and let the world see your talent. Call Mr. James on 7838062627.

Happy to inform that video recording for Round 2 onward shall be done with a cinematography camera in 4K/3D.

Glad to announce that studio facility for music/singing learning/practicing/recording is available from June 2018. Charges monthly or session-wise as per your preference. We have lyrics of our own for which album will be made in your voice with your face showing if you get selected for the same. So join now and perform in some shows to be eligible. Fill the form, participate in the musical contest and be ready for some pleasant surprises.
In case you absolutely want a music video/album made featuring you, we can make it for you at your expenses. See this page to decide.

Jump below to see STAR MAKER INDIA stage shows packages.

NOTE: This website assumes that as an artist you already have basic and advanced skills in your field (of talent) and all you need now is some public exposure and a bit of training or improvement in that area of your confidence.
Your skills may include singing, dancing,
instrumental music, drama, comedy or any performing art.
We specially concentrate on singing or in a way dancing skills in the packages below. We need to do something more for other arts. Please have a discussion with us in that regard.

Want to earn money, name and fame as an artist? We help you establish as a paid professional. Moreover we are making our own professional singers-dancers troupe in which the selected few of you may find place.

Studio recording facility will be provided to participants under professional expertise of Mandi House Artists Associations New Delhi.

It is a show to make your career in your field and to make you shine in front of the world.
We will help you practice singing with orchestra/karaoke if you need it. We can train and groom you in melody as well.

Important: The selection process is strictly by merit among those willing. Please send your audio/video of performance (home recording is okay) by filling the second form below or Whatsapp it to 7838062627

Note: If you sing duet or perform in a group, this could save you contribution money by sharing the available time (slot). Only a bit extra per person has to be paid to meet overhead expenses.


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James Entertainment & Travels 'JET' has been initiated by Mr. James Narula of STAR MAKER INDIA will now conduct all the musical shows of JET.
Mr. J. Narula is a member of Mandi House Artists Association and has the experience & guidance of senior artists, technicians, producers and directors of Doordarshan and Delhi Film Industry, having participated in conducting various stage shows and events, films and TV serials.